Seasons style

Professional Style Services


All services start with a free initial consultation because Caroline believes getting to know her clients is essential to providing the right advice and guidance.

Personal Shopping

Caroline will advise you on the best styles, shapes and colours to suit you and give you an honest and professional opinion. Together you will make sensible flattering purchases, bringing freshness and style to your wardrobe. 


Wardrobe Workout

Caroline will help you simplify and invigorate your wardrobe. Together you will undertake a full evaluation of your wardrobe establishing whether your clothes suit your shape, complexion, look and lifestyle. She will show you how to utilise what you have already and also advise you on potential additions which will enhance your collection.


Her bespoke workshops will answer those style questions. Designed for groups of friends or colleagues interested in styling session tailored to suit specific needs.  Ideal for women's business groups, network events, corporate events, social groups and many more.